Health Effects Of Cinemas And Theatres

Going to a theatre or cinema can be a very fun activity. Live performances are enjoyed by theatre goers all over the world. Getting to see a new film on the big screen allows for a much more immersive experience. However, there are also health factors to consider when visiting these venues.

The best way to determine if these places are safe is by getting advice from a medical professional. Livi is a health app that can be downloaded here and used to video chat with NHS workers. It is the ideal way to discuss the issue of cinemas and theatres with a doctor.


Adrenalin junkies enjoy going to the cinema to be scared by horror movies and excited by action films. This experience inevitably causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. There have been cases of people with weak cardiovascular systems dying in cinemas while watching particularly intense scenes. There were reports of this occurring during the screenings of films such as The Exorcist and The Passion of the Christ.

Movies are designed to psychologically manipulate the audience. More vulnerable or hypersensitive viewers could become anxious or depressed by certain films. Those who suffer from PTSD could also experience negative mental effects from certain scenes.

Since cinemas involve watching a large screen in a dark room there is also the danger of developing eye strain or migraine. Strobe effects are common in modern movies. This could affect people with epilepsy.


Most theatres will have elevated seating, including upper level balconies. This creates the immediate issue of a falling hazard. However, refutable venues will have safety barriers in place. Despite this, every year there are reports of isolated cases of falls in theatres. The best way to prevent this is to be vigilant when sitting in a high place.

Watching a play from above can cause some people to experience vertigo. If a patron has this condition then it is better to buy seats that are at ground level. Audience members should also be aware that sudden loud noises can occur at performances. For instance, blank gun rounds may be fired.

Music Gigs

Live music performances allow people to watch their favourite artists in person. However, they expose concert goers to potentially unsafe levels of noise. Prolonged exposure to high decibels can lead to hearing loss and even complete deafness. This is why ear plugs are sometimes worn by people at gigs.

Dancing at these events can also cause people to get too hot and dehydrated. This can be prevented by wearing appropriate attire and drinking plenty of water at regular intervals. “Mosh pits” are common at rock concerts and sometimes end up injuring those who participate in them. Staying safe while moshing will prevent this.

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