People familiar with the Academy Awards may want to know what the Production Design category entails. The head of this department is tasked with creating a set that seems natural and fits the film’s tone. A significant aspect of this is picking the right kind of furniture. The site Bemz will appeal to filmmakers., Read More

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Superheroes have been a staple of storytelling, especially children’s, for as far back as one can remember. They embody many aspiring principles such as honor, courage, compassion, and love. In these stories, they often go up against powerful supervillains that embody all the destructive aspects of humanity such as greed, corruption, or cruelty. The, Read More

The performing arts can be an extremely fulfilling activity to take part in. Whilst acting and playing music on stage is good for physical health, there is one issue that often gets overlooked. Being under hot lights for extended periods of time can be bad for the skin. This is a problem that is, Read More

If you are creatively inclined then you may want to consider becoming a musician. Making your own music can be an extremely rewarding experience. Some

Elvis Presley
It could be argued that without Elvis there would be no rock and roll as we know it. He remains one of the most iconic figures in all of

Iron Maiden
Very few bands have such a popular following as Iron Maiden. They have a dedicated fan base of people from all over the world. Their most

Kate Bush came onto the UK pop scene as a teenager in the late 1970s. Over the years she has sporadically released some of the most celebrated albums

Over the past twenty years, Dave Grohl has risen to become one of the most celebrated rock stars of all time.
As A Drummer
He first gained fame as the