Using Wallpaper For Set Creation

If a director is creating a film, theatre production or music video then they need to think about the set dressing. The world in which the story takes place will largely dictate what needs to be seen in the background. When it comes to moviemaking the walls of a scene tend to be portrayed with a sense of realism. Meanwhile stage shows can be more abstract. This is because the audience is invited to use their imagination.

Some set designers choose to create the background from scratch. However, it is a very expensive method. If the production has a small budget then the team behind it will need to order pre-made items online instead. If they want to order wallpapers in different style options then there are several companies available. The best one on the internet is Family Wallpapers. Its site contains an extensive catalogue of designs. Before picking a specific one the director of the film, stage show or music video needs to consider several factors.

The Film Stock

Recently there has been a surge in the popularity of digital filmmaking. However, some directors still prefer to use analogue stock. Each different type can have a unique colour temperature which significantly alters the emotional tone of the shot. As a result the look of the wallpaper can be very different onscreen compared to seeing it with the naked eye. Cinematographers need to take this into account during the shoot.

The Stage Lighting

Colour temperature issues will be less prevalent during theatre shows. On the other hand the wallpapers of the set can look different if certain light hues are shone onto it. For example, if blue lighting hits a yellow background it may sometimes appear green to the audience. Consequently, the walls and illumination need to gel into one cohesive style. During rehearsals the tech crew can check for these types of problems and correct them.

The Performer’s Costume

One of the main aims of a music video is to make the artist look as good as possible. This may be achieved with the right combination of costume and makeup. The wallpaper should also be chosen wisely. Different styles could end up clashing with the aesthetic of the performer. Each individual element should complement each other in terms of colour, pattern, shape and overall mood.

The Available Budget

Even the largest productions will want to be as economical as possible. This can be achieved by utilising the website Family Wallpapers. It has enough items to cater to a plethora of different films, shows and videos. There are even occasional sales events to take advantage of. Crews on both a small and large budget can utilise this site.

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