Host Your Own Oscars Night Party

One of the highlights of the movie year is the Oscars ceremony. Each year the Academy Awards represent the pinnacle that all movie stars aspire to. Unfortunately, for ordinary members of the public, all we can do is watch it on TV and admire the glamorous evening gowns worn by the stars. The after-awards parties are some of the most famous in the celebrity social calendar, but you can host your very own at home.

Planning the Party

Make sure you send out the invites well in advance. If you want to watch the Oscars live, then you’ll have to allow for any time differences, and it might be necessary for some of your guests to take the next day off work.

You can make the party more than just a gathering of a few friends. Why not have your own red carpet and have someone take photos as people arrive? It’s a great excuse to go shopping for the most glamorous party dresses that you can find. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can easily find elegant party dresses online. Don’t forget to complete the star look with a few sparkly accessories such as jewellery and a pair of killer heels. Glamorous make-up and hair will enhance the celebrity look.

A buffet is the best option for the food but go for something different. Why not base it on the cuisine of the home country of the film tipped for the best international picture? Look for something unusual that most of your guests might not have tried before.

If you have a garden big enough and the weather permits, you might want to consider putting up a screen and streaming the Oscars ceremony live while your guests mingle, enjoying the food and drink. Alternatively, you can make it more of a fun and games evening. Why not get everyone to hand you their predictions for the winners as they arrive? Then you can award points and give prizes to the person who gets the most right. An excellent idea for a reward is a replica Oscars trophy; have it inscribed with the date and location of the party for a great souvenir.

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