Verso Night Cream For Stage And Screen Performers

The performing arts can be an extremely fulfilling activity to take part in. Whilst acting and playing music on stage is good for physical health, there is one issue that often gets overlooked. Being under hot lights for extended periods of time can be bad for the skin. This is a problem that is also relevant for actors who work in film. Luckily Verso night cream is an ideal solution. It can be applied in a wide variety of scenarios.

The Night After Theatre Acting

The vast majority of theatre productions take place during the evening. The exceptions to this are the occasional matinee. If the actor finishes late at night, they can apply Verso night cream to the skin once they get back home. Then when they wake up in the morning, the special formula will make their skin feel invigorated.

In Between Music Gigs

If a musician is lucky enough to get a gig, they will want to do more and more. The ambition of budding musical artists is to gain enough appeal to put on a tour. This involves constant travelling and regular performances. This routine can lead them to neglect their skin. Taking the time to apply cream from Verso during the night will make all the difference.

The Downtime During a Long Film Shoot

Professional film productions can take months to complete. During this time, there will be breaks in between the film shoot where the actors have to wait for extended periods of time. If it is a night shoot, then it is well worth applying some Verso cream. However, it is important to consult with the hair and makeup department beforehand to make sure this will not interfere with their work.

While Creating A Music Album

When musicians are trying to write and record a new album, there is no set schedule. They could work throughout the day and into the night trying to come up with something special. Whilst most of their attention will naturally be focused on the music, it is still worth taking breaks to use Verso night cream.

While Rehearsing a New Play

It is common for theatre directors to ask actors to rehearse new productions at later hours than usual. This may be because the theatre space is unavailable during peak theatre times. Makeup choices will be less strict during rehearsal, allowing actors to apply cream without it being an issue.

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