Streaming Overtaking Cinemas

In the past the only way that people could watch a movie was by going to the cinema. Viewing a film in a public place is very similar to the stage play format. In fact the early days of motion pictures were heavily inspired by theatre.

However, a large number of people can now experience films from the comfort of their own living rooms. Home cinemas are affordable and internet streaming has become the dominant method for movie watching. There are several pros and cons for both of these.


Cinema gives viewers a much greater sense of immersion due to the superior sound and screen size. Also when people go to a screening it can feel like an exciting event, especially when the entire theatre is packed with excited and eager fans. Furthermore, films often show at cinemas before they are available for home viewing. This is perhaps the biggest pro for the cinema. People go there to watch movies as soon as they come out.

However, these facilities also have their flaws. Audiences have to share a room with strangers who may not have sufficient cinema etiquette. They could potentially do irritating things such as eat too loudly or play on their phones. When this happens it tends to completely ruin the overall experience.

Regularly going to the cinema is also fairly expensive when compared to streaming. Viewers do not have the ability to pause and rewind either so if they miss something they will have to watch it all over again. Arranging a night at the cinema is more time consuming than simply turning on a TV and instantly watching a film.


The great thing about streaming is that people can watch a movie anywhere, even on their phone while commuting. However the main drawback to this is that an internet connection is essential. Viewers also get a much larger selection of films to watch. Streaming sites will have a vast catalogue so that users can pick the one that most appeals to them.

On the other hand, watching on a smaller screen can be less fun and make certain epic films seem disappointing. Also having to pay a monthly subscription can quickly become a financial inconvenience. Even when the price is fairly inexpensive it can soon accumulate.

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