Wall Designs for Theatre Set Dressing

There are plenty of reasons why set designers will want their latest project to be a hit. Sometimes local musicals will do so well that they are moved to a coveted West End theatre. Truly amazing sets could bring in prestige and awards. The person in charge of decorating the walls can benefit from the use of high-quality wallpaper.

The website Wallpassion is a handy online tool. It supplies high-quality wallpaper at inexpensive prices. There are an impressive variety of designs to choose from. These include floral, geometric, striped, and wood. There is something for everyone in the Wallpassion catalogue.

Thinking Creatively

Some shows such as The Phantom of the Opera are set in a specific period in history. This may restrict the types of wall art that can be used. The set dresser should avoid anything anachronistic. The good news is that many of the products available from Wallpassion will be suitable. There are designs that mimic concrete and brick. Therefore, the set dresser could position the wallpaper in creative and fun ways that trick the audience. Even shows on a tight budget will be able to find a design that works well for them.

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